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our news reporter is live at the terminal with details. cornell? >> good morning. it could be one of the most civilized and relaxing ways i can thing of to get to work, hop on a ferry for a quick trip into san francisco, no traffic, no worries, you are there. the bad news is more than a few north bay commuters have figured this out and it is causing problems. the larkspur service is so popular it is sold out each day for the 7:50 and 8:20 runs to the city carrying 5,300 passenger as day but parking is limited to only 1,800 spaces and they sell out fast. the parking is free but the district could consider charging to park using the fees to build a parking structure or parking deal with businesses. the district also floating the idea of adding another boat during high commuter times.
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it is positive dilemma but the bridge district says it needs to do something and fast. a decision could be made here in the next couple of months. we are live in larkspur this morning for abc7. >> supporters of an effort to rename san francisco international airport in honor of harvey milk will hold a rally at city hall. last month, san francisco supervisor introduced legislation to rename the airport harvey milk san francisco international. he was california's first openly gay elected official. he was assassinated along with mayor moscone in 1978. organizers say the rally is to urge the other supervisors who support the legislation. voter could decide on the name change in november. >> a top boeing official will present the f.a.a. today with a list of potential fixes to the battery problems that have grounded the boeing 787 dreamliner. the solutions are designed to let the planes resume flying while they continue to look if the cause of fires in two of the
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jet batteries. the fixes which you wider spacing between the cells inside the battery, a fire-proof battery case and vents to route the flammable gases outside the plane. the f.a.a. is not expected to rule on the proposals today. >> an oakland man will go to las vegas to bring his son's body back home after being killed in a drive-by shooting yesterday morning. oakland rapper known as kenny clutch died of gunshot wounds. the 27-year-old driving his gray mazurati when he and a friend came underfire in the middle of the strip. his mazurati went through the intersection hitting several other cars including a taxi and the cab driver and the passenger were killed when the taxi caught fire and exploded. police believe an argument at the casino hotel led to the shooting. the suspects were driving a range rover and were seen last
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speeding away. >> an oakland man wrongly convicted of attempted murder seven years ago could be released. the 51-year-old 8 be in court this morning. the conviction was overturned with help from the northern california innocence project at santa clara university law school and a san francisco law firm. they found multiple errors in his case and enough evidence to prove he was innocent. he was convicted in 2006 of attempted murder and assault with a firearm after the victim picked him after a shooting. he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. >> in oakland, for the first time in 140 years, boats will travel on the waterway that connects the lake to the bay. the 750' section of the channel opened today after undergoing a major clean out. this morning at 10:30 oakland mayor and other city leaders will be there for the historic celebration part of a multi
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million dollar restoring to improve the waterway that was once polluted and stagnant. >> now the friday forecast. >> that sounds good, friday forecast. >> what makes it sound better, is "not so cold." >> milder this morning. temperatures are running from 34 in napa, the cool spot to 38 in concord, 36 in fairfield, and 37 in livermore and to the south bay, 38 in san jose, and 38 in los gatos and hayward at 39, and 36 at half moon bay and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's. today, we will see a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds from time to time, but going to be blue out there again. we will not be as breezy allowing the temperatures to warm into the low-to-mid 60's, and 61 in san francisco and 62 in san rafael, and riff -- richmond, and 63 in san jose, and concord at 64. at the coat, 55 at half moon bay, a cooler spot, and as we
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head through the next three days we have a cooler breeze tomorrow and we will shave two or three or four degrees off the highs and we get them back with calmer conditions and sunshine on sunday and mid-60's away from the coast and we are in the upper 50's and we will have the same type of temperatures on monday. and that commute? >> in redwood city using the traffic app at seaport boulevard and bayshore freeway we had an overnight fail accident with c.h.p. issuing a sig-alert. it is not on the freeway but on the surface streets. if you work at the port of redwood city or the east side of the freeway you will find traffic delays so try to avoid that area. this is a sig-alert issued. elsewhere, transit is on time and there is maintenance work for bart and you can expect delays after 10:00 tonight of 10 or 15 minutes. kristen and eric? >> next, meet the bay area
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newest lottery winner, and see what he intends to do with his new nest egg and we do mean "nest egg." >> the stars are ready for oscar and everything that comes with the big night. by, first, america's money report. >> topping america's money, putting the brick on consumer spending. walmart is the latest retailer forecasting he we are sales, blaming the newly restored payroll tax but worries of the big increase in gas prices. the agricultural department says there is no reason to expect another dry year so there should be higher crop yields and lower prices means less cost for meat, poultry and dairy farmers so the outlook for food prices is good. young adults are cutting their debt load lowering it by a third in a three-year-period. the debt for those 35 and older
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only declined 8 percent. snitch is one one of two new fim opening but it will only take in $12 million because many will stay home and watch the oscars here
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>> antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. a live look from our roof camera to the pretty lights on bay bridge and the bay and mike is saying it is piledder this morning. full forecast coming up. >> bay area-based grocery giant safe way is announcing high profits, seeing the net income jump by 13 percent in the 4th quarter. the chain credits a left it to the new loyalty program for driving sales, which offers personalized discounts based on your past purchases. you can access them on your digital devices with mobile apps. >> american's largest cycling event is looking for volunteers in northern california, an eight-stage race going in southern california on may 12th and finishing a week later in santa rosa. this is the first time in the eight year history that the race will run south to north.
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organizers are recruiting 5,000 volunteers state-wide to assist along the 750-mile course. volunteers can register online. >> san jose man uses lottery winnings to create a nest egg the he is buying chickens. he took the winning ticket from a machine at a local bar on christmas east, the salesman says that finding out he won was exciting. >> pardon to believe. i have never won anything, really. like a granted prize. i knew the odds, one in 1.2 million and i never thought it would happen especially right down the street. >> mark will invest the dollars, winnings, in roosters and chickens, the few he has already delivered 30 egg as day which isn't chicken feed. how much did he win?
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>> $1m. >> maybe he can buy one of the ferraris he sells. >> don't put the chickens in the ferrari. >> we are learning even the losers are winners at the oscars, with the gift bag worth $47,000 including trips to australia, hawaii, and mexico, alcohol, and circus tickets and a bottle of win decks. actually, this the cheapest value ever. last year's was worth $61,000. 2010, the everyone wins, the bag was worth $100,000. agoers say the value of the bag varies based on trips, and it is taxable so the straff against of the bags has dropped over the years. our oscar sunday coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with the stars arriving at 4:00 with oscars red carpet live and the big show at
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5:30. following the oscars we have a re-cap of the biggest moment and your pass to the after parties. jimmy kimmel's special is at 10:00 followed by abc7 news at 11 and you can countdown with the oscars app, and the pass gives you the best access of a dozen cameras and behind-the-scenes video and can you get the response by downloading our app available for iphone, ipad, droid, and the kindle fire. >> i want to go back to the gift bag. join us for the abc7 oscar party on facebook and you and the 95,000 other friends can comment on the fashion. just "like" our page and rsvp. >> this is as close as we will get to the gift bag. right there. >> only $47,000 worth, i don't know if we can go now. >> i am insulted.
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>> i am sure you ripped your invitation right ups didn't you? >> the tickets for hawaii? what about that? >> good morning, everyone, as we dream. $1 million lottery, gift bag for going to an event. and sunshine for most of the seven-day outlook, at 5:16. thanks for hanging out with us at abc7 news, live doppler 7 hd showing you do not need the umbrella this morning. now, there they are, dancing again, the lights are on the bay bridge. it is looking gorgeous. we will talk about current conditions in santa rosa at 37, and napa and fairfield at 33 degrees and concord 39 and gilroy 32 degrees right now. there are some cool spots although it is warmer in most areas. sunny and mild today.
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the temperatures will warm up, and clouds tone as the cold front comes through and a sprinkle is possible. that is it. an extended period of warm and dry weather as the inside sliders continue, the secret stream is to the north and you can see a buckle that looks like it is headed toward us and it slides into oregon and nevada and clipping the sierra, with snow each time but missing us by that couple hundred miles it takes to get from the bay to the high country. it will be dry for us all week. for the sierra you will get nickel and dimed bit storms with. needed snow. in the south bay, 63 at san jose, and santa cruz is 66 and the if peninsula is 57 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60's, and half moon bay is a cool spot at 59 at daly city and 61 in downtown san francisco and low-to-mid 60's through the north bay and in the low 60's at the beeps and low 60's for most of the east bay shore with
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oakland around 62 and inland we have low-to-mid 60's with san ramon the cool spot and our temperatures tonight you can see upper 30's to mid-40's and mid-to-upper 50's at the bay shore and the coast. increasing clouds, and tonight is another mild night with the sprinkle possible, and the breezes will chase away the clouds but, also, bring if cooler weather for tomorrow, and it is calmer and warmer on sunday and we go steady all the way through wednesday and into thursday. have a great day. >> now the san mateo bridge if you go from hayward to the peninsula you have a good ride, tail lights on the flat section, everyone is at the limit toward 101 with no delays obviously no delays at the bay bridge, and a few headlights headed to the toll plaza and no delays into san francisco. slowing out antioch, westbound four, typical unfortunately, a rough commute, day in and day out and moving to pittsburg it
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picks up into concord and the central valley at the limit here looking good and over the altamont pass. kristen and eric? >> 5:18. the major toy maker hoping to help moms understand their sons better with the bloomberg business report coming up. >> a boy in big trouble for calling 9-1-1 for a reason that is hard at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bk. your money needs an ally. by the armful? by the barrelful?
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>> 5:21. former secretary of state madeleine albright is promoting a new become in san rafael last night. she spoke with abc7 news anchor
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about her childhood during world war ii, the nazi invasion, and being in a prison ghetto. she says the new secretary of state, john kerry, faces challenging in asia, china, latin america, and africa. >> this part of the world has been hurt and the challenge is, really, trying to figure out what the first things are he will do. >> her book titled "prague winter a personal story of remembrance and war." dan ashley will speak with secretary albright today at the commonwealth club. >> mattel hopes to bridge the gap between certain women and fast cars. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg report. >> the daytona 500 is this weekend and general motors is helping danica patrick looking to racing to improve product development hoping to bring more attention where it needs it, engineering better cars.
5:21 am
mattel's match boxcars of $1 billion a year business and teaming up with mommy bloggers to get them to understand boy toys. moms have a disconnect for their sons for toy cars and will dedicate the website to them. >> the deadline is looming for automatic spending cuts to kick in march 1. a program that could be impacted is a government nutrition program called "wic." it allows kid in low income families to get free healthy food. the administration has to trim the caseloaded by 500,000 applications, if congress and president obama do not agree. >> a 10-year old massachusetts boy found out the hard way that 9-1-1 really is only for emergencies. this began when the 4th grade did not want to go to bid. >> he got mad and he is like, you are mean, i will call the
5:22 am
cops and i said, go ahead. call the cops. >> he did take her up but he hung up but the dispatch sent an officer to thous and he tried to hide, and the mom let the police in and they discovered him and they had a talk. he was too embarrassed but mom, says, yeses he learned his lesson. >> way to roar, tiger mom! he deserved that. >> sure there was a fee there and probably cost a bit. >> out of his savings. >> out of the his allowance. >> now the forecast. mike? >> we will look at the eastern third of the country to start if you are headed that way, the thunder snow and thunder vote hit the mid-southwest is in the upper midwest with delays in baltimore and chicago. at home, all is clear but we have a chance of light rain as we head in the afternoon hours and we will see increasing
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clouds around tahoe but dry at 79 and snow tonight and tonight and mid-60's through the central valley and mostly sunny around san diego and los angeles and mid-to-upper 60's and 71 at palm springs. have safe travels and a great weekend end. >> we are going to san jose, with first reports of an injury accident involving a bus at the capital expressway at actually and -- tully with road work on the dumbarton bridge but nothing significant and light traffic to the macarthur maze on 80 westbound through berkeley it is moving at the limit. kristen and eric? >> 5:25. march madness is a few weeks away but a cheerleader from a small mississippi university may have made the shot of the year in college basketball. ashley, she got an amazing front
5:24 am
flip half court shot at half time at the membership's basketball game and she also plays soccer. look again. there it is! the 21-year-old says the shot was a take off on the front flip throw in that soccer players do and she attempted the shot all season but of curse that was the first time she made it in front of a crowd, of course. >> she may want to trade in the cheerleading uniform. >> it is hard to defend. >> amazing! >> gem kimmel took on a two-year old hoop step from kansas, and made fun of the boy after he missed every shot. last night, jimmy had a shooting contest. >> want to play? >> yes. >> okay, good. do you think you will win? >> yeah. >> you do? >> oh, boy. here we go.
5:25 am
>> good job, buddy, you did really good. >> there you have it, jimmy, he beat you 10-6. jimmy kimmel live airs at the new time following abc7 news at 11. neat, right? >> you talk trab, you have for back it up. >> ahead, is oscar pistorius a flight risk? this is the scene outside the courthouse in south africa where a judge is deciding whether he can leave jail while facing murder. >> flames erupt on las vegas strip and a bay area man is killed. we will talk to the family about the violence and police reveal a possible motive. >> but, first, remember this woman? almost eight years after making up a story about finding a
5:26 am
finger in her chili, a south bay woman is in trouble with the
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>> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> breaking news is from south africa where a judge is close to deciding on whether olympic star oscar pistorius is freed on bail in the murder case. casey katie is following things live in our newsroom. katie? >> this is just fascinating. i have listened to the judge talk for an hour, a full hour, starting at 4:30 and he is just now narrowing in on whether or not he will give bail. so bear with me, i have been listening here in the newsroom, and you may have to come slip me with. ♪ if the decision comes down what has been going on is the judge has been talking about the case and he has been rehashing, summarizing every piece of witness d that has
5:29 am
happened over the last four days in this bail hearing. first he went through oscar pistorius' version, it was an accident and it was dark, and he thought it was a burglar and the prosecution version, which is that oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, after an argument. keep in mind, this is just the bail hearing. all the judge needs to decide at this point is whether or not oscar pistorius is a flight risk. the only thing he has done mentioning anything in that area, is saying oscar pistorius says he lives in south africa and he has friends and family in south africa but oscar pistorius admitted he has friends and family abroad, as well. some of the early arguments whether oscar pistorius is a flight risk from the defense they say he is not because he cannot get through an airport with his prosthetic legs and they need maintenance and that oscar pistorius himself requires medical treatment not to mention his fame. the prosecution is saying he
5:30 am
should not get special treatment because of his disability and that he does have the means to leave the country. again, the judge talking about the law, even the history of bail, and our legal analyst is listening along, as well, and tweeting that all of this is completely unnecessary. so, i will keep an ear on it and i will get back to you when we hear the words we are waiting to hear, bail or no bail for oscar pistorius. >> as katie mentioned she will monitor the developments and bring temperature to us as soon as the bail hearing decision comes down. >> right now, a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> not as complicated or as weird as the case turning out. it is quiet. we have small pressure bringing us clear scion live doppler 7 hd so as you head out no need for the umbrella this morning. look at our temperatures, we have mid-to-upper 30's in los gatos, napa, hayward, fairfield,
5:31 am
and half moon bay and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's. as we head through the afternoon hours today, a lot of sunshine again, not as breezy as yesterday, and upper 50's at the coast where we will have a little bit of a wind but not as aggressive as year. our commute on this friday? >> i will take you to redwood city and we have a sig-alert in affect because of an overnight fatal accident, not on the freeway but at seaport to the east of the freeway and it will affect you at the port of redwood city city or anywhere on the east side of road. c.h.p. is asking you avoid the area while they investigate. this is the abc7 ways app and you can download it for free. injury accident in san jose capital expressway at tully and we are looking at involving a bus, as well, and a car. we are following this for you. kristen and eric?
5:32 am
>> 5:33, the south bay woman who gained fame for planting a finger in her fast food chili is in the news, in trouble with the law. amy hollyfield is live with the bizarre new charges. amy? >> remember anna ayala? police say she has lied to them again so she is in jail again. this time the lie was to protect her son. here is the new backing photo. we got this. she was just arrested year. she now is being charged with being an accessory to a felony and filing a false police report. here is video of her the last time she was in trouble. rebel her back in 2005 she made national news when she claimed to have found a human finger in her cup of chili? it cost wendy's millions in lost sales and it turned out ayala planted the finger which came from an acquaintance who lost it in an industrial accident.
5:33 am
now, she is accused of lying to police. investigators say her son shot himself in the ankle in front of their san jose home. it was an accident. but he is on parole and not allowed to have a gun so ayala spun a story about men who shot her son and then they said high was chasing a dog and he was shot. police say it wasn't adding up. they admitted he shot himself and police say she told them she got rid of the gun. that is tampering with evidence. she served four years in prison for the wendy's hoax. now she is in jail again and is expected in court today. the bail right now is set at $150,000. >> thank you. today an oakland man is going to las vegas to bring his son's body back home after being killed in a drive-by shooting. oakland rapper known as kenny clutch died of gunshot wounds
5:34 am
yesterday. the 27-year-old was driving the mazurati and he and a friend came underfire at las vegas boulevard. his mazurati went through the intersection and hit several other cars including a taxi which caught fire and exploded killing the driver and the passenger. detectives call his father to tell him what happened. >> this is something you never really, really, ever want to expense as a parent, to lose a child. >> police believe it started with an argument in the area of the casino hotel and are looking for the suspect last seen in a black range rover. >> the chief probation officer of san mateo county is facing child pornography charges. the 61-year-old was charged with two felony counts of possessing child pornography yesterday. he served three years as the chief probation officer until
5:35 am
retiring in december and was on leave after an investigation into charges was launched. he joins the department in 1977. >> happening now, a group of students spend the night on the campus of city college of san francisco. these students have been camped out since yesterday afternoon and police let them stay overnight. the students want the administration to put pressure on city hall to keep the school open. city college is at risk of losing accreditation next month because of budgetary and academic issues. students say they want to meet with the administration to give them input on ways to keep the school open. a major silicon valley company could be bringing big bucks to mineta san jose international airport. the officials will unveil a proposal to build a private hangar to house jets that belong to google senior executives. it would be used by other companies. you are looking at an artist rendering of the facility expected it bring in $3 million a year to the airport. google planes are housed at
5:36 am
moffitt field. >> state senator jerry hill will unveil legislation today that would ensure that california high-speed rail would not add new tracks through the peninsula. the bill has specific language to guarantees the high-speed rail would run on two existing tracks shared with caltrain. rail officials have promised hill they would thought add two additional tracks making a total of four on the peninsula. many neighbors oppose this. it includes making caltrain run on electric power making high-speed rail and caltrain compatible with each other. >> it is warmer this morning, right? >> here and out there. mike has the forecast. >> well start with a live picture from our camera of the dancing lights on the bay bridge, kind of cool and looks like fireflies and another point birds and now, just kind of solid, but they will come up with another pattern soon and we have been watching it all morning and you can, too, at the
5:37 am
weather section pulling up that camera and you can see it. we will talk about the wind, much calmer than yesterday, our fastest wind is blowing from the east at six miles per hour, and hayward five out of the south at concord and coming from the northeast at three at oakland. today, already, not so breezy as yesterday and not so cool this morning. we are in the upper 30's midland and mid-40's around the coast at 7:00 and mid-to-upper 50's with total sunshine for the lunch hour and we will be in the mid-50's at the coast near 60 around 4:00 with high clouds and we will have high clouds this evening and temperatures are mild and upper 40's at the coast low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. cooler breedses drop our temperature tomorrow in the afternoon a couple degrees and calmer and warmer for sunday and monday. >> we have an injury accident in san jose and capital expressway with an ambulance on the scene and emergency crews are there with delays at that intersection. it does involve a bus.
5:38 am
bart is on time and muni on time and capital corridor train, mechanical problem between sacramento and dates running 25 to 30 minutes late. if you take bart over the weekend they will do maintenance so you will find 10-to-15 minute delays going tonight and through tomorrow on bart. kristen and eric? >> 5:40. >> a full vaccine is meant to protect patients from getting sick and doctors reveal a group that is not getting much protection from the shots. >> but, first, mangled metal on the bay bridge. what is happening today and the impact on the new
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have breaking news. crews are trying to figure what caused -- no, breaking news from the midwest where authorities are saying a medical helicopter crashed in oklahoma city killing two people and injuring a third. authorities say the crash happened near a nursing home in northwest oklahoma city. a firefighter says witnesses are heros for running to the crash scene and you will manage a survivor out of the burning wreckage.
5:42 am
a large storm system has blanketed the midwest and plain states in snow but not immediately clear whether weather was a factor. >> our abc affiliate koco is reporting that, again, two people were killed and one person was injured. now, back here crews are trying to figure what caused a train to collapse under the new bay bridge. we are on the scene after the accident yesterday and you can see the twisted metal from the crane. despite all damage, no one was injured. crews used the crane to remove steel support from under the bridge. people on treasure island her the crash. >> i turned around. the crane was gone. the scaffolding was falling over. it fell off the bridge. >> pieces were coming down. the crane was tottering. it fell down. >> the bridge was not damaged.
5:43 am
the accident is not expected to delay the opening of the new eastern span which now is 192 days away. >> police say whoever broke into a mercedes dealership in walnut creek was not after the luxury cars but thousands of customer files. investigators say someone broke into mercedes benz of walnut creek and employees have declined to make oncamera statement but said the person or people responsible break into locked file cabinets, 2 the -- 2,000 to 3,000 customer officials remain stolen and police are working with other agencies and pursueing multiple lanes. >> they have everything but a key to the front door, social security, bank information. >> i am just...shaking right new because...i have no idea how bad it can be. >> mercedes benz is offering to pay for a year of credit monitoring with one company.
5:44 am
>> wait, wait, wait, the weekend is here! it will be worth waiting for, right, especially sunday? >> absolutely, sunday is warmer and tomorrow is not bad, either. now outside, there is no rain tomorrow, maybe a few sprinkles tonight and that is it. tomorrow is crisper than today with the winds and the temperatures dropping a couple of degrees compared to this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning and now a look outside from mount tamalpais, sausalito there, the bottom right, san francisco, you can see the bay bridge and the lights, and now, temperatures, 47 in san francisco, and san jose is 39, and 37 in walnut creek and mill valley at 37 degrees. we also have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's inland neighborhoods this morning.
5:45 am
now, what is going on with this forecast cycle. we have a lot of sunshine today, a few high clouds this afternoon and same thing for the better part of two days and it will not be so breezy allowing the temperatures to be milder with a cold front tonight on the tail end of it barely getting clouds let alone a sprinkle. that is it. an extended period of warm, dry weather will ensue. now, high pressure is right here, dominating the storm track and keeping the storms to the north and this storm looks impressive but it will head inside again and it will bring snow to the sierra a couple of inches are possible. you can see the cold front moving through tomorrow morning and breezy conditions on the back side of it and the storm track will stay to the north as we head into sunday, the breezes are less and the temperatures are going up. as far as today, we will talk about mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and
5:46 am
low-to-mid 50's at the coast where it will be raw with the winds and the coolest and temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's around the bay and to the inland neighborhood and the mid-to-upper 60's sunday, mop, tuesday, and wednesday. have a great weekend. 680 if you go to concord, southbound through walnut creek, this is the town at north main, everything is moving at the limit toward the 24 interchange, no problems there, all the way looking good. a problem spot in san jose an injury accident with reports from the c.h.p. it is minor, the bus driver involved in this accident was taken for injuries but no other problems at the capital expressway at tully. former nebraska senator hagel has secured the necessary votes to become the next defense secretary. hagel won the last needed vote yesterday with alabama senator
5:47 am
shelby. a vote on highly contested battle is expected next week, 15 g.o.p. senators have urged president obama in a letter to withdraw hagel's nomination saying he lacked bipartisan support and the confidence to do the job. >> president obama is welcoming japan's new prime minister to the white house today, arriving in washington, yesterday, and he is the 5th prime minister of japan since president obama took office. they will meet in the oval office. there is a japan and china territorial dispute and north korean nuclear test. he is a keen advocate of stronger relations with washington, dc, that remain key to u.s. policy in asia. >> ahead, flu vaccines, who gets the best and the least protection from the flu shot. >> after 6:00, the commuter
5:48 am
warning bart is send dog any passengers planning a late night trip in or out of san francisco. >> the friday before the oscars and what would they be without the rivers? and we will show you how to and we will show you how to throw a [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> in the south bay, authorities are looking for a man who pulled off a string of bank robberies. the sheriff has released the surveillance videos of a white man about 35 years old and up to 6' tall, wanted if five bank holdups in five weeks. in san jose, santa clara, cupertino and saratoga. >> police are looking for a man who assault add 19-year-old exchange student from japan for refusing to talk to him along the trail near the south san francisco bart station on wednesday evening. the woman had just gotten off a train and he grabbed her. she managed to break free but he chased her until they came across another person on the trail and he ran away. >> we are still seeing the gorgeous bay lights on the bay bridge and it is so clear out there, so, the view is unobstructed. >> normally that means older temperatures but not this morning. >> not this morning. we do have temperatures about the same if not a little bit
5:52 am
warmer in a few areas as the air mass has been modified by the strong sunshine the last couple of days. our highs today low-to-mid 60's, 61 in san francisco and san mateo and fremont and san jose at 63 and 64 in concord and 65 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and o'hare, call ahead, there are delays there and midway because of storm. at home, everything is quiet until this afternoon and we can get rain in eureka at 53 and increasing clouds at tahoe and 49 and a light dusting of snow tonight and tomorrow so fresh powder for you to ski on with mid-60's through the central valley and mostly sunny in san diego and los angeles and mid-to-upper 60's. >> minimal delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and still no metering lights just a minor backup and everyone else is getting through nicely, and back to san jose, the accident involving a bus, minor injuries reported, and one person has been transferred to the hospital
5:53 am
and a car ran a red light at capital press way and hit the bus. right now, bart is running on time and muni on time but we have a big capital corridor train delay for train 521 running 25 minutes behind. kristen and eric? >> getting a teaching credential could be easier in california. the state legislature is considering a bill to let college students qualify for their teaching credential while earning their bachelor's degree in education. right now, they need to go through a one year teaching program in addition to a degree. students are placed with experienced teachers midway through college to improve their skills. >> this year's flu vaccine is not a big help for one group of people, according to the centers for disease control it is only 9 percent effective in protecting seniors against the most common and dangerous flu. the vaccine's effectiveness was 56 percent for all age groups. experts say the results are disappointing and highlight the need for a better vaccine.
5:54 am
some protection is better than no protection. flu season started early this year but the worst of it is said to be over. >> research fines that bottled nose dolphins call the names loved one when they are separated the first other than humans known to have names. researcher analyzed recordings of pairs held in separate nets during the captures they could not see each other but they can hear each other and continue to commute with sounds that scientists say amount to names. >> google plus users have an out of world opportunity, with nasa letting you talk with astronauts on the international space station from 7:30 to 8:30 our time. american astronauts and canadian astronaut will field questions of life on the station. if you would like to watch it it is streamed on google plus and the nasa television youtube channel or go to our website at
5:55 am for a link to the websites. >> straight ahead, more on breaking news we are following the oscar pistorius bail hearing and the much anticipated ruling from the judge in south africa. >> from sacramento to the capitol the event taking governor brown to washington, dc, and what he is hoping to achieve on the trip. >> is it a silicon valley turn an, what has hewlett-packard starting the trading day off on a positive note.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> abc7 news starts now from
5:58 am
south africa. >> a decision any time on whether oscar pistorius can be grabbed bail. back to our reporter, katie marzullo, in the newsroom. >> i am shocked we don't have a decision. it is 6:00 a.m. and cnn reports that court in south africa closes at 6:00 a.m. our time and they do not stay late. so, in the next two seconds we should find out if they are changing the rules and staying late or if this hearing is going to be continued another day into a 5th day. the judge if this case talking for 90 minutes straight right now, rehashing witness testimony, rehashing the strength of every witness, going back-and-forth between both sides of the case, the prosecution and the defense. you are looking at live pictures outside of the courthouse right now and this is how it has looked all morning, photographers and news crews, waiting for simple words, bail or not for oscar pistorius, and it may not happen this morning
5:59 am
as it turns out, our abc news legal analyst tweeting all morning this is unnecessary and very surprising and the entire newsroom here hanging on every word, and i know it is nut just us, it is journalists world wide, those who are in the courtroom, those who are listening, because twitter is blowing up at this hour people waiting, waiting, waiting cannot believe how long this is taking for the judge to make the decision. but he has mentioned things such as the accused oscar pistorius was so vulnerable in the state, and he says he is dealing with circumstantial evidence, and the only one who knows what happened in that house on valentine's difficult is oscar pistorius, himself. so, when you listen to him it sounds like, perhaps, he is sympathizing with oscar pistorius and he is loaning toward bail, that he has no reason not to grant him bail but he will get into the prosecution side of the case, and we get back to not knowing exactly where this judge stands. we have been listening, no one has
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